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Posted by European Council on International Relations on June 19, 2014 at 3:15 AM

Zimbabwe international status is growing rapidly.

In 2013 the country hosted the UNWTO General Assembly with more than 120 countries attending the event that was proclaimed as the best ever in the history of the United Nations.

After mending ties with the majority of countries in the world Zimbabwe got another impressive success with the nomination of the country as WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 by European Council on Tourism and Trade, an organization encompassing the interest of tourism industry from 28 european countries with a population surpassing 700 millions inhabitants.

After this impressive moment that highlighted the approach between Europe and Zimbabwe as never before between 29 May 2014 and 6 June 2014 a top level delegation of high ranking officials lead by the President of European Council on Tourism and Trade visited for the first time the country signaling the complete restoration of bilateral relations.

To showcase the perfect developing relation between Zimbabwe and Europe we present you with the official press release of the European Council on Tourism and Trade on this momentous occasion when Zimbabwe became WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014:

More than 200 representatives of major regional branches of European Council on Tourism and Trade, major tourism and trade firms and tourism specialized journalist`s had convened in Bucharest, in the landmark Palace of Parliament of Romania, the second largest building in the world and the first in Europe, a landmark of European tourism and architectural treasures.

On the luxurious surrounding of Palace of Parliament, the body has decided upon the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2014 with 27 countries on the list, from all the continents, regions and climate`s off the world.

The winner of the competition has being declared the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE- WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION in 2014 announcement that triggered and explosion of joy amongst the African ambassadors as Zimbabwe is the first African country to get the top honor.

On May 3, 2014 in a public séance of the European Council on Tourism and Trade, gathering representatives of tourism organizations from European continent has debated the list of candidates for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2014.


President of European Council on Tourism and Trade declares ZIMBABWE as WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014.


On the debate for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD FOR 2014, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) presented the report titled: ZIMBABWE: THE PERFECT AFRICAN DESTINATION. A SEVEN WONDER IN TOURISM AND CULTURAL POTENTIAL proposing ZIMBABWE as the winner of WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 and as receiver of FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION distinction for 2014.


Delegates from 27 countries debated the future of tourism for a two day summit.

Among the reasons for awarding WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 to ZIMBABWE the report outlined:

- The peerless organization of World Tourism Organization General Assembly in 24-30 August 2013, the world gathering of tourism experts comprising more than 120 countries.

The successful organizing of this world event, despite tremendous logistic and economic challenges, proves without a doubt the capacity of Zimbabwe authority and tourism industry to organize world level events and to host all level of tourism.

After the perfect support and creative vision in carving a successful world tourism meeting, ZIMBABWE has unequivocal demonstrated that is a safe, open and perfect managed tourism power house.

- The promotion and support offered to a new concept of community natural protection supporting tourism friendly to nature, with low ecological impact and preservation of natural biodiversity and protection of endangered species and areas, especially rainforest south-African eco-climate.

Community based ecotourism protection carved by Minister Walter Mzembi is a perfect way to share revenues and income, to support rural communities in prospering and presenting their foodstuff and handicrafts to the world and to make eco-tourism as the base for an economic local development.

Sharing tourism benefits to all the population, offering eco-friendly tourism it is a lesson that REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is offering to the world.


- Offering to tourists and outstanding and pristine nature and the opportunity to explore nature, to contribute to ecological preservation and the opportunity to visit extraordinary space such as: the unique landscape of Victoria Waterfall, the National Parks as: Mana, Eastern Highlands from Manicaland, Mana Basins from West Mashonaland, Exfoliated Hills from Matebeland, Chilojo Cliffs, and Matobo Hills from Bulawayo etc.

All this regions and natural parks are model of achievements in ecological and green tourism that must be world recognized.

- The continuous development and protection of cultural and historical patrimony of Republic of Zimbabwe, the transformation of Harare in a historical and spiritual center offering to the visitor a glimpse into rich culture and heritage of people’s of Zimbabwe

- The preservation of an outstanding historical and cultural patrimony that comprises wonderful sites such as: cultural, historical and rich legacy of Great Kingdom of Zimbabwe, the preservation of the former capital of Shone Kingdom-Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo area with a world-class fortification system and palatial complex from 12th century, this are offering a rare insight for tourists into one of the greatest civilization of pre-colonial Africa and a rare window into traditions of centuries.

- Today, REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is creating and offering for tourists an open air museum, a rare collection of historical and archeological treasures that educate and enrich the world.

REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is from 3 May 2014 the official winner of WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD FOR 2014.


 – The preservation of cultural and natural sites of world significance and value such as: Great Zimbabwe National Monument (added to UNESCO list in 1986), Khami Ruins National Monument (added to UNESCO list in 1986), Matobo Hills (added to UNESCO list in 2003), Mana Pools National Park, Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas (added to UNESCO list in 1984), Mosi-oa-Tunya / Victoria Falls and UNESCO candidate regions as: Ziwa national monuments dating from Stone Age period with an incomparable contribution to world legacy.

- The REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is today a hot spot for adventure tourism offering a large area of regions suitable for this special kind of tourism and the necessary infrastructure to welcome adventure sicker, the safety structures and natural potential to rank amongst the top world adventure spots.

- Keeping alive spiritual tradition, integrating tourist`s and visitors in the atmosphere of the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE people, offering possibility for an enriching cultural experience, are all achievements that transform REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE in a spiritual first class destination.

After hearing the report, Senator Ionel Agrigoroaiei, from Romanian Parliament and Director of European Parliamentary Committee in European Council on Tourism and Trade had express the feeling’s of all present at the gathering declaring that: REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is the perfect candidate, with a perfect record of promoting eco-friendly tourism, ecological and social oriented tourism and that only a unanimity vote in favor of REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE could express the unwavering European tourism and economic community support in favor of such a world model.

Mr. Victor Deleanu, ECTT rapporteur, presented also a report on ZIMBABWE: HOT SPOT OF ADVENTURE TOURISM reiterating the highest praises for the country safety record and infrastructure and hospitality industry achievements that are making Zimbabwe the perfect destination in Africa.

Mr. Mihai Prundianu, Chairman of Trade Mission of ECTT also highlighted the importance that today, when Africa is celebrated 50 years of African Unity, Europe must express his commitment and appreciation for Africa by crowning ZIMBABWE as FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION AND WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014.

In the end of the debate European Council on Tourism and Trade decided, unanimously, to award WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 TITLE TO REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE and to declare REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE -FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION in 2014.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-President of European Council on Tourism and Trade has a photo taken with the participants.

It was also presented the Official Invitation, on behalf of Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality of REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE for a delegation of European high-ranking official of European Council on Tourism and Trade, to present theWORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD in Harare, in person, to His Excellency President of REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE –ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE the most outstanding personality of today Africa.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-President of European Council on Tourism and Trade has a photo taken with the participants.

Awarding the highest world tourism prize of European Council on Tourism and Trade, accepting the invitation for a working visit of high-ranking members of European Council on Tourism and Trade in REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE, are all momentous and felicitous occasions that are offering the symbol of admiration that all tourism experts are having for the potential and future of tourism in REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE concluded at the end of the meeting Professor Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade.




Posted by European Council on International Relations on May 2, 2014 at 4:15 AM

On the occasion of the 11 International Wine Fair-Good Wine, Bucharest had become the capital of wine makers and wine lovers in search of the best wines that Romania and the world can offer.

The Best Romanain Wines where presented during International Wine Fair 2014 under the leadership of CASA PANCIU (HOUSE OF PANCIU). 

Good Wine April 2014 edition, had offered the opportunity for a delegation of wine experts and diplomats from Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania to taste and appreciate the Romanian wines on display and to carve up a top of Best Romanian Wines of 2014.

Mr.Daniel Guzu-President of CASA PANCIU, Mrs. Ileana Tudor-CASA PANIU, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-IRICE Director, H.E. Ambassador of Venezuela-Victor Ramon Carazo and CASA PANCIU sommelier.

The clear winner was by far the HOUSE OF PANCIU (CASA PANCIU), who also selected in December 2013 as the maker of DIPLOMATIC WINE FOR 2014 and who reconfirmed his status in the wine tasting of 2014: the blended assembly of Feteasca Neagra (Black Girly) and Cabernet Sauvignon was once again appraised for his perfect bouquet of aromas of vanilla and berry fruits and for freshness and the round savory taste enriched with the necessary tannin so beneficial for human body, everything creating for the taster the perfect experience of Romanian wine.

The star of the tasting session was the sparkling wine from Muscat Ottonel obtained by Asti method that eloquently proved his high quality by his perfect sugar concentration combined outstanding with fresh fruits aroma and with conquering and long-lasting savoir that filled with joy the heart of all the diplomats present on the venue.

Concluding the wine tasting session at Good Wine April 2014, the diplomats, lead by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania choose as their favorite wines the: Feteasca Neagra de la Casa Panciu (Black Girly) for the first place and Babeasca ( Old Lady) from Casa Panciu (second place).

In the sparkling wines competition, the leader was the Brut from Panciu Vineyards (Traditional method) from CASA PANCIU, who was highly praised, or his exterior consistence and behavior in the glass, for his long-lasting taste, enduring and profusely aroma and the expressiveness that is unveiling step by step to the taster offering nice surprises at every zip.

The diplomats involved in the tasting had encouraged the Romanian producers to increase the wine quality by producing more sweet and semi-sweet wines with increase sugar concentration, the only solution for a consistent export and presence of Romanian wines on international markets.

The President of CASA PANCIU (HOUSE OF PANCIU)-Mr. Daniel Guzu saved for the last a special surprise, offering for tasting the latest product of Vrancea company: Rose Sparkling Wine 2013, who become and instant favorite of the public by aroma and freshness, who charmed the eye with his perfect color and become in glasses a glittering rose that offered instant joy to the tasting committee.

The group of diplomats are congratulating CASA PANCIU as the creator of DIPLOMATIC WINE FOR 2014.

Under the watchful eye of Casa Panciu sommelier and with benevolent care of President Daniel Guzu the diplomats had enjoyed the best wines Romania can offer: DIPLOMATIC WINE FOR 2014-the wine form CASA PANCIU (HOUSE OF PANCIU).

In general, thanks to the HOUSE OF PANCIU-CASA PANCIU-the 11 International Wine Fair from April 2014 had level up to his promise to present the true wine treasures of Romania: Muscat Ottonel, Feteasca Neagra and Cabernet Sauvignon from Casa Panciu.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on May 2, 2014 at 4:10 AM

In perioada 25-27 aprilie 2014, Bucuresti-ul a devenit capitala expertilor si pasionatilor de oenologie, in cautarea savorii vinului si a celor mai bune bauturi alcoolice pe care Romania si lumea le poate oferi.

Vinurile romanesti de calitate si-au dat intalnire la Good Wine Aprilie 2014 sub bagheta CASEI PANCIU.

Targul International de Vinuri Good Wine, aflat la a 11 editie in aprilie 2014, a oferit posibilitatea unei delegatii de diplomati si experti in degustare, a Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica, sa analizeze vinurile romanesti si sa creeze un top al celor mai bune vinuri romanesti pe care anul 2014 le ofera.

Dl.Daniel Guzu-Presedinte CASA PANCIU, D-na Ileana Tudor-CASA PANCIU, Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea-Director IRICE, E.S. Ambasadorul Venezuelei in Romania-Ramon Carazo si somelierul CASA PANCIU(de la dreapta la stanga).

A stralucit de departe CASA PANCIU, care a primit in decembrie 2013 titlul de creator al VINULUI DIPLOMATILOR PENTRU 2014, si care a confirmat din nou cu degustarea vinului anului 2014: cupajul de Feteasca Neagra si Cabernet Sauvignon, care a fost din nou apreciat pentru prospetime, aroma perfecta de vanilie si fructe de padure si miezul rotund, perfect imbogatit de concentratia de tanini, atat de necesari organismului uman si care ofera degustatorului experienta perfecta a vinului romanesc.

Vedeta degustarii a fost vinul spumant, facut din Muscat Ottonel prin metoda Asti, care a stralucit prin concentratia perfecta de zahar, combinata cu aroma de fructe proaspete si de prospetime cu o buna persistenta care a cucerit pe toti cei prezenti.

Echipele de diplomati felicita CASA PANCIU: creatoarea CELUI MAI BUN VIN ROMANESC.

Intr-un top al degustarii de vinuri efectuate de diplomatii, condusi de Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea, Directorul Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica la Good Wine editia aprilie 2014 si-au facut loc: Feteasca Neagra de la Casa Panciu (locul I) si Babeasca de la Casa Panciu (locul II).

La capitolul vinuri spumante, topul a fost deschis de Brut-Domeniile Panciu (Metoda traditionala) de la Casa Panciu, care a fost apreciat pentru aspectul exterior in pahar, pentru gustul persistent, pentru perlajul rezistent si pentru aroma profunda si expresivitatea ce se ofera latent degustatorului, oferind suprize placute la fiecare inghititura.

Diplomatii prezenti au incurajat producatorii romani sa creasca calitatea vinurilor romanesti, prin mai multe vinuri cu o concentratie ridicata de zahar, vinurile dulci si demi-dulci fiind singura sansa de export a viticulturii romanesti.

Vinurile romanesti stau la bine la capitolul fruct si aroma, dar sunt mult restantiere la capitolul zahar, ceea ce le blocheaza accesul pe piata internationala a vinurilor, au apreciat ambasadorii invitati.

Presedintele CASA PANCIU-dl. Daniel Guzu a oferit o rara surpriza diplomatilor prezenti propunand la degustare cel mai nou produs al firmei vrancene: Vinul Spumant Rose-2013, care a cucerit imediat publicul cu prospetimea si aroma sa, a incantat ochiul cu culoarea perfecta si cu un roz stralucitor ce a umplut de bucurie sufletele diplomatilor degustatori.

Sub bagheta competenta a somelierului Casei Panciu si sub ochiul binevoitor al Presedintelui Daniel Guzu, diplomatii sau bucurat de cele mai bune vinuri pe care Romania le poate oferi:vinul diplomatilor pentru 2014-vinul de la Casa Panciu.

In total, multumita CASEI PANCIU, a 11 editie a Targului International de Vinuri din aprilie 2014-Good Wine si-a tinut promisiunea de a prezenta publicului comorile de vin ale Romaniei: Muscat Ottonel Feteasca Neagra si Cabernet Sauvignon-ul de la Casa Panciu.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on December 28, 2013 at 5:15 PM

 Luand in considerare statisticile activitatii pentru 2013, in prim planul activitatii senatorilor din acest an sau inscris senatorii : Agrigoroaei Ionel si Constantinescu Florin.


Ambii senatori au reusit sa obtina puncte importante prin promovarea imaginii Romaniei in contextul relatiilor cu Extremul Orient, cea mai mare oportunitate pentru economia Romaniei in urmatoarea perioada.  

Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei, desi aflat la primul mandat de senator, a reusit rapid sa se impuna printr-o activitate febrila in plan parlamentar si al reprezentarii internationale.

El a mai fost evidentiat pentru activitatea sa sustinuta in Parlamentul Romaniei, fiind declarat la finalul sesiunii parlamentare 2012/2013 cel mai bun parlamentar, pentru rolul sau in promovarea imaginii Romaniei si a Parlamentului ca factor determinat al activitatilor de politica externa ale tarii noastre.

Din data de 17 decembrie 2013, lucrarile Parlamentului Romaniei pentru sesiunea parlamentara 2013 au luat sfarsit si anunta un nou al analizelor si clasamentelor privind activitatea parlamentarilor romani in aceasta legislatura.

Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei reuseste din nou sa conduca in topul activitatii parlamentare

Cu aceasta ocazie, Institutul de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica a realizat o analiza a activitatii parlamentare, desfasurate in Senatul Romaniei, in acesta perioada.

Principalele elemente, luate in calcul, au fost : eficienta activitatii de reprezentare internationala, sustinerea oferita imaginii Romaniei in lume, eforturile depuse in vederea promovarii diplomatiei parlamentare, ca parte integranta a diplomatiei romanesti si perfectionarea rolul Parlamentului in strangerea relatiilor internationale, in promovarea intereselor economice, politice si culturale ale tarii noastre si inaugurarea de noi dimensiuni in cooperarea parlamentara si diplomatica cu alte state ale lumii etc.

Senatorii Florin Constantinescu si Ionel Agrigoroaei in discutii cu delegatia coreeana

Luand in considerare toate aceste elemente, in prim planul activitatii senatorilor din acest an sau inscris senatorii : Agrigoroaei Ionel si Constantinescu Florin.

Ambii senatori au reusit sa obtina puncte importante prin promovarea imaginii Romaniei in contextul relatiilor cu Extremul Orient, cea mai mare oportunitate pentru economia Romaniei in urmatoarea perioada.

In contextul vizitei delegatiilor din Republica Populara Chineza si al Forumului Economic bilateral, desfasurat sub egida Parlamentului Romaniei, cei doi parlamentari au avut initiativa largirii dialogului prin integrarea Peninsulei Coreene in acest proces.

Astfel, cei doi senatori au reusit o extraordinara lovitura de imagine diplomatica si economica, organizand vizita unei delegatii din R.P.D. Coreea, cu care au sustinut un dialog important, menit sa refaca legatura cu un partener economic de prima mana, cu schimburi bilaterale in valoare de peste un miliard de dolari, inainte de 1989.

O alta reusita a fost vizita celor doi senatori in Republica Moldova, unde prin dialogul sustinut, avut la Chisinau, au reusit sa impulsioneze fortele pro-democratice si pro-occidentale din Republica Moldova, reusind astfel sa evite riscul unui scenariu ucrainian pentru statul de dincolo de Prut.

Rolul delegatiei parlamentare a Romaniei a fost instrumental in evitarea unui astfel de scenariu negativ pentru zona noastra si pentru Uniunea Europeana.

La randul sau, senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei, cel mai activ senator al anului 2013, a punctat pentru rolul sau decisiv in deschiderea dialogului cu zona Peninsulei Indochina, in deschiderea Consilului de Afaceri Romania –Laos, in luna septembrie 2013 si in inaugurarea Expozitiei Internationale de Arta-EXOTIQUE. Aceasta manifestare a reunit la Bucuresti obiecte de arta si manifestari culturale din peste zece state din Extremul Orient, realizand o adevarata punte de cultura intre Romania si zona Asiei.

Totodata senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei a mai participat si la lucrarile Conferintei Kazahstan-Romania din aprilie 2013, de la Palatul Parlamentului, a luat initiativa constiturii de grupuri de prietenie si cooperare parlamentara cu Republica Populara Democratica a Laosului si Emiratele Arabe Unite si a avut un rol deosebit in inaugurarea Expozitiei de sustinere a candidaturii orasului Dubai la Expozitia Mondiala din 2020.


Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei si Primul Ministru al Laosului PDR

In plus, in cadrul activitatii de reprezentare internationala a Romaniei mai putem enumera : vizita senatorului Ionel Agrigoroaei in Laos, in mai 2013, in cadrul unei delegatii europene, participarea la lucrarile comisiei mixte Romania-Kazahstan si participarea la peste 47 de evenimente diplomatice, desfasurate in Romania in ultimul an.

Nici activitatea interna, in cadrul dezbaterilor parlamentare, a senatorilor nu a fost trecuta cu vederea iar senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei a iesit in evidenta cu : peste 57 de intrebari, 3 declaratii politice, 7 initiative legislative, 27 de interpelari si 100 de luari de cuvant in plen, ajungandu-se la un remarcabil total de 194 de interventii, interpelari si luari de pozitie in cadrul lucrarilor Parlamentului Romaniei, ceea ce ii confera un loc fruntas si in cadrul activitatii interne a Senatului.

Reamintim ca, senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei a mai fost evidentiat pentru activitatea sa sustinuta in Parlamentul Romaniei, fiind declarat la finalul sesiunii parlamentare 2012/2013 cel mai bun parlamentar, pentru rolul sau in promovarea imaginii Romaniei si a Parlamentului ca factor determinat al activitatilor de politica externa ale tarii noastre.

Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei inaugureaza Expozitia de Arta Orientala-EXOTIQUE

Prin astfel de activitati sustinute, Senatul Romaniei a demonstrat ca, in ciuda unor campanii de presa negative, rolul institutiilor parlamentare ramane fundamental in efortul de reprezentare internationala a Romaniei.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on December 28, 2013 at 5:05 PM


Taken under consideration a large area of elements and statistics, on the fore of the senatorial activities during this year where inscribed senators Agrigoroaei Ionel and Constantinescu Florin.


Both senators succeeded in scoring points by promoting Romania’s image in Far East, in the context of the fact that today the cooperation with Far East is the best economic opportunity for Romanian economy.



The Romanian parliamentary session concluded as of 17 December 2013 opening the time for analyses regarding parliamentary activity during 2013 legislature.

On this occasion the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation published a paper on the parliamentary activity, focused on Romanian Senate works in this span of time.

The main elements taken under consideration where: the efficiency of international representation of the country, the support offered to boost Romania’s image in the world, promotion of parliamentary diplomacy as an intricate part of Romania’s diplomacy, perfecting the role of Parliament in strengthening the diplomatic relations of the country, promoting economic, politic and cultural interests of our country and starting new dimensions in parliamentary and diplomatic cooperation with all the nations of the world.

Senators Florin Constantinescu and Ionel Agrigoroaei holding high level talks with Korean delegation

Taken under consideration all this elements, on the fore of the senatorial activities during this year where inscribed senators Agrigoroaei Ionel and Constantinescu Florin.

Both senators succeeded in scoring points by promoting Romania’s image in Far East, in the context of the fact that today the cooperation with Far East is the best economic opportunity for Romanian economy.

In the framework of the visits from Peoples Republic of China and the economic forum under the aegis of Romanian Parliament, the two parliamentarians press to open an enlarged dialogue including Korean Peninsula in the framework of cooperation.

Upholding this idea the two senators managed a powerful diplomatic and economic initiative by hosting a high level D.P.R. Korea delegation and sustaining an impressive dialogue destined to re-bond the connection with a valuable economic partner that was totalizing more than a billion dollars in bilateral exchange with Romania prior to 1989.

Another success was the visit of the two senators in Republic of Moldavia, where by a vigorous dialogue in Chisinau they succeed to offer an impulse to the pro-democracy and pro-Western forces in the country, avoiding the risk of a Ukrainian scenario for the eastern-Prut state.

As such the Romanian parliamentary visit proved instrumental in eluding a negative scenario for the region and European Union as a hall.

The Senator Florin Constantinescu has imposed himself to the public also by Co-Chairing the Romania-Kazakhstan International conference in April 2013 under the banner of Romanian parliament.

Other important actions where: hosting the Kazakhstan parliamentary delegation in April 2013 a move the open the door to re-confirm the strategic partnership with Kazakhstan and pave the way for the June 2013 visit of Prime Minister Victor Ponta to Kazakhstan. This visit was adorned with over 1 billion euro bilateral contracts that will transform Romania in the main connecting corridor between Central Asia and Europe.

Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei opens the International oriental Art Exhibition-EXOTIQUE

Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei, the most active senator in 2013, had score high for his decisive role in opening the Romanian dialogue with Indochina area, by opening Romania-Laos Business Council, in September 2013, by inaugurating International Art Exhibition-EXOTIQUE, a huge cultural manifestation that encompass cultural objects and art from 10 countries across the eastern area, creating a true cultural bridge between Romania and Asia.

Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei was also involved in the works of Romania-Kazakhstan International Conference from April 2013 and taken the initiative to create parliamentary friendship and cooperation groups with United Arab Emirates and Lao PDR and also taken upon him a major role in inaugurating the Romanian Exhibition in support of Dubai candidature for World Expo 2020.

Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei inaugurates the Romanian exhibition in support of Dubai-World Expo 2020

Supplementary in the activities destined to promote Romanian image abroad made by Ionel Agrigoroaei we can highlight the visit in May 2013 in Lao PDR, participation to joint committee Romania-Kazakhstan and attending more than 47 diplomatic activities during this year etc.

The two senators also scored impressive in the internal activity.

Senator Florin Constantinescu managed to obtain 34 parliamentary speeches, 133 open questions, 8 legislative proposals and 22 governmental questioning.

The same is valid for senator Ionel Agrigoroaei that scored 57 governmental questioning, 3 political statements, 7 law initiative’s, 27 parliamentary speeches and over 100 political declarations bring everything to a staggering total of more than 194 high profiles statements during parliamentary works, figures that are bestowing to him a major role in the internal activity of the Romanian Senate.

We also like to remember that senator Ionel Agrigoroaei was commended for his parliamentary activity being declared at the end of 2012/2013 legislature as the best parliamentarian for his sustained activity in promoting Romania and Romanian parliament image as a crucial factor in the foreign policy of our country.

Organizing such sustained activities Romanian Senate has proven that, in spite of negative press campaigns, the role of elected parliamentary institutions remains fundamental in the efforts to internationally represent Romanian national interests.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on December 28, 2013 at 4:55 AM


The wines from Casa Panciu-House of Panciu stirred the imagination of the diplomatic taster committee, encompassing diplomats from Asia, Africa and Europe-the main trading area for Romanian wines).


The best wine was considered to be the Cabernet Sauvignon and Black Girly (Feteasca Neagra) and as the best sparkling wine was voted the Muscat Ottonel brand.

The Romanian wine is widely considered among the main constituents of Romanian image abroad.

Taking in consideration his quality and world fame, the Romanian wine is part of the fore-front of country economic boom as part of the international recognition, country brand and a main export product.

In order to stimulate the Romanian wine promotion and to foster new international recognition`s for Romanian wine producers, the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania is hosting an annual competition among the top wine brands in the country, choosing in the final selection the Romanian top quality wine: The Diplomatic Wine.

The BEST ROMANIAN WINE FOR 2014-SAGIO from Casa Panciu (House of Panciu)

On 18 December 2013 the diplomat’s commission announced his final decision: for 2014 this distinguish honour, as Romania’s top wine was entrusted to House of Panciu ( Casa Panciu).

The House of Panciu has presented to the contest a large area of wines among them the famous: Sauvignon Blanc, White Girly (Feteasca Alba), Black Girly (Feteasca Neagra),Muscat Ottonel, Back Lady (Babeasca Neagra) or wines from Sagio line, maturated for at least 12 months in barrel’s of different origins (French, Romanian, American) that are offering to the wine specials aroma’s as: chocolate, coffee, vanilla etc.


The wines from House of Panciu stirred the imagination of the diplomatic taster committee, encompassing diplomats from Asia, Africa and Europe-the main trading area for Romanian wines).

The best wine was considered to be the Cabernet Sauvignon and Black Girly (Feteasca Neagra) and as the best sparkling wine was voted the Muscat Ottonel brand.

The House of Panciu managed to conquer the assistance not solely by the variety of the wine products presented but also by the special characteristics of the sparkling wines offered for tasting.


Keeping in mind the aroma, strengths, color, profundity and taste particularities of the analysed wines the House of Panciu had managed to prove eloquently that the Romanian Wine and specially the Vrancea region has not said his last word for the connoisseurs and still has a role to play on the wine market.

Diplomatic corp accredited to Romania tastes the DIPLOMATIC WINE FOR 2014 from CASA PANCIU

The Diplomats Wine, title awarded to the best Romanian wine, is bringing not only international and internal recognition to the producers but will be also offered as an intricate part of country brand and image and as a protocol element in all international and diplomatic activities.

Foreign dignitaries in visit to the country will have an opportunity to enjoy the magic of Romanian wine, by House of Panciu as a proof of the high quality of Romanian wine also Romanian diplomatic delegations will bring the products of House of Panciu as a testimony of Romanian wine across the globe, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.

Tifesti-Vrancea-Panciu: the house of BEST ROMANIANS WINE FOR 2014

This is a formidable achievement, based on the efforts of the team of wine makers specialists form House of Panciu, a team that succeeded in reaffirming the potential of Vrancea wine makers in Romanian and abroad.

The House of Panciu is currently producing more than 20 brands of sparkling and still wine at high quality standards, benefiting by the special natural environment of Tifesti area, an area with steady and constant solar exposure, with good quality soil, without using pesticide or artificial fertilizers.

The House of Panciu is the heart and soul of the wines produced from a 120 hectares vineyard in Tifesti county, Panciu vineyards and cultivated with French types of grapes as: Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel and Cabernet Sauvignon, but also the most famous and loved Romanian type of grapes such as: White Girly, Royal, Sarba, Black girly and Black Lady.



Starting from 2009, this hard labor in the vineyard is having his fruits in the market presence of the House of Panciu products, special wines with low quantities of preservatives.

The wines obtained at the foothills of Vrancea are having a playful and active character resulted from the fermented history of the land of Vrancea.

Supplementary the House of Panciu is enjoying the long standing international recognition of the products of Panciu area, a wine region of solid and well established brand in the world and on all wine markets across the continents.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on December 28, 2013 at 4:45 AM


Vinurile de la Casa Panciu au starnit entuazismul comisiei de diplomati, reprezentand trei continente ( cate trei diplomati din Asia, Africa si Europa, ce provin din principalele piete de desfacere a produselor vini-viticole romanesti).


Cel mai bun vin fiind considerat cupajul de Cabernet Sauvignon si Feteasca Neagra, iar la capitolul cel mai bun vin spumant, sufragiile s-au indreptat spre Muscat Ottonel. 


Vinul romanesc este considerat unul din elementele principale de identitate ale Romaniei in lume.

Prin calitate si renume, vinul din Romania ocupa unul din locurile fruntase in economie, ca produs de export si de recunoastere nationala.

Pentru a sprijinii promovarea vinului romanesc si pentru a oferi noi posibilitati de recunoastere internationala pentru producatorii romani, Institutul de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica organizeaza anual o competitie a celor mai bune vinuri din tara noastra, alegand la final cel mai bun vin: Vinul Diplomatilor.

Cel mai bun vin romanesc al anului 2014: Casa Panciu-colectia SAGIO

In data de 18 decembrie 2013 comisia diplomatilor si-a anuntat decizia : pentru anul 2014 aceasta onoare deosebita, de a fi considerat cel mai bun vin al Romaniei, a revenit vinurilor produse de Casa Panciu.

Casa Panciu a introdus in concurs o larga gama de vinuri, printre care amintim excelentele: Sauvignon Blanc, Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Neagra, Feteasca Regala, Muscat Ottonel, Babeasca Neagra sau vinuri din gama Sagio, maturate cel putin 12 luni in barrique-uri de diverse origini (frantuzesc, american sau romanesc), si imbogatit cu arome complexe, de cafea, ciocolata sau vanilie etc.

Cel mai bun vin spumant al anului 2014: CASA PANCIU-MUSCAT OTTONEL

Vinurile de la Casa Panciu au starnit entuazismul comisiei de diplomati, reprezentand trei continente ( cate trei diplomati din Asia, Africa si Europa, ce provin din principalele piete de desfacere a produselor vini-viticole romanesti).

Cel mai bun vin fiind considerat cupajul de Cabernet Sauvignon si Feteasca Neagra, iar la capitolul cel mai bun vin spumant, sufragiile s-au indreptat spre Muscat Ottonel.

Casa Panciu a reusit sa cucereasca asistenta nu doar prin varietatea sortimentelor de vin prezentate, dar si prin caracteristicile deosebite ale vinurilor spumante prezentate.

Prin aroma, tarie, culoare, calitati organo-leptice si profunzimea vinurilor, oferite pentru degustare, Casa Panciu a reusit sa demonstreze diplomatilor ca vinul romanesc, din regiunea Vrancea, nu si-a scris ultima pagina si nici nu si-a spus ultimul cuvant.

Corpul diplomatic acreditat in Romania degusta VINUL DIPLOMATILOR pentru 2014 de la CASA PANCIU


Vinul diplomatilor, titlul corespunzator celui mai bun vin romanesc al anului, aduce nu doar recunoastere interna si internationala producatorilor, dar va fi si oferit ca element de protocol si de recunoastere a imaginii Romaniei, in toate delegatiile internationale din anul 2014.

Delegatiile straine ce vor sosi in tara noastra vor putea sa guste magia vinului romanesc, prin produsele Casa Panciu, iar in toate delegatiile internationale noi vom aduce produse de la Casa Panciu, ca semn al inaltei calitati a vinului romanesc pe toate meridianele globului, a declarat Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea, Directorul Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica.

Totodata nu pot decat sa il felicit pe dl. Daniel Guzu, Directorul de la Casa Panciu, pentru inalta calitate a produselor sale, produse care au cucerit atentia diplomatilor straini, produse care au reusit sa se impuna ca fiind vinul anului 2014, vinul diplomatilor, si care vor reprezenta imaginea vinului din Romania timp de un an.

Este aceasta o remarcabila realizare, bazata pe eforturile echipei de profesionisti in vinificatie de la Casa Panciu, care au reusit sa readuca zona Vrancea in topul producatorilor de vin din tara noastra.

Tifesti-Vrancea-Panciu: locul de origine al celor mai bune vinuri romanesti

Casa Panciu produce peste 20 de sortimente de vinuri linistite si spumante, de o calitate deosebita, beneficiind de cadrul natural deosebit al ariei Tifesti, zona cu o indelungata expunere solara, cu un pamant de cea mai buna calitate, ne-epuizat de agricultura intensiva, fara chimicale si fara tratamente agresive.

Casa Panciu este inima si sufletul vinurilor provenite din cele peste 120 de hectare situate la Tifesti, in podgoria Panciu, cultivate cu soiuri frantuzesti precum Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel si Cabernet Sauvignon, dar mai ales cu cele mai renumite si iubite soiuri romanesti de Feteasca Alba sau Regala, Sarba, Babeasca Neagra si Feteasca Neagra.


Din 2009, munca grea si dedicata din podgorie se fructifica prin prezenta pe piata a vinurilor Casa Panciu, vinuri cu un continut minim de sulfiti.

Vinurile obtinute la poalele muntilor Vrancei au un caracter vioi si neastamparat, precum acest pamant framantat, aflat la imbinarea placilor tectonice.

In plus Casa Panciu beneficiaza de indelungata recunoastere internationala de care se bucura produsele zonei Panciu, zona cu renume solid, bine stabilit pe pietele de gen din intreaga lume.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on December 11, 2013 at 8:30 AM


In 2013, United Arab Emirates celebrated in pomp, ceremony and joy the 42 anniversary of National Day.

Forty-two is in the life of men`s a time of reflection and decisions, in time of nations is barely a time of beginnings. United Arab Emirates are having a lot to appreciate and to be proud off in all this short span of time.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan: the founding father of United Arab Emirates

In 1968, when the British empire was living his last hours in the region, the vision of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan was to create a state of equilibrium and a force of moderation in the Arabic Gulf area. Squeezed between the emerging power of Shah`s Iran and of Saudi Arabian Kingdom, the small Gulf states could only envisage a future of moderation and balancing in order to survive.

Today, this policy of moderation and equilibrium carved out by the funding father of UAE-Sheikh Zayed and continued by his successor Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed is reaching a peach of recognition and appreciation worldwide and also is receiving international plaudit`s as a pillar of security and development in the area.


In 1971, when the flag of United Arab Emirates reach out for the first time to the sky, the country inaugurated what will be a long tradition of moderating tension and avoiding confrontation, in an area where neither one or the other is lacking. United Arab Emirates inaugurated their presence on international stage by repulsing Iran attempts to take advantage of the British withdrawal and saving the region from an all-out conflict.

This policy of negotiation and appeasement re-surfaced during Iran-Iraq war, when United Arab Emirates wise and calibrated policies assured the continuing flow of oil by the straits of Hormuz and avoided regional escalation.

The support for Kuwait independence in 1990 and the moderation policy in all the tensions of the areas had gained recognition for the country as a force of stability and continuity in foreign policy of the troubled region.

As UAE Foreign Minister stated to the United Nations, the driving force of UAE foreign commitment is build upon “the principles of peaceful coexistence, peaceful resolution of the international disputes and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states”.

These principles insured a high standing of United Arab Emirates in the world and also in the Arab region, during the so called Arab spring.

United Arab Emirates straightforward policy of rejecting internal interference, of supporting human rights and rejecting support for terrorism, had enshrined the name of United Arab Emirates in the heart of every Arab, as a country of stability and order.

A country that is building and not destroying, a country that is protecting and not killing hopes and peoples.

The lesson of United Arab Emirates, that knows how to moderate his force by obeying to the international norms is a golden lesson that makes today UAE a beacon of hope in a troubled region.


The Arab convulsions left in tatters a huge region, from North of Africa to the Middle east and millions of people refuges, displaced or victim of hunger in their own countries.

In a time of insecurity and predicament, the United Arab Emirates shared their influence and power to alleviate sufferance`s across the region.

Hundreds of millions of dollars where directed to the refugees camps in Jordan or Lebanon, in one camp alone 20.000 peoples are regularly protected and all their needs meet by the help of United Arab Emirates.

Lorries loaded with humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees

In the troubled hit Egypt, UAE had poured 4.9 USD billion to support economic recovery and to insure the road to economic stability as a precondition for political equilibrium.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, had clearly marked this generous help is conditioned by “a policy of peace, security, tolerance and love” that will insure stability in the country and the world.

The same helping hands can be seen across the Palestine territory, supporting the legitimate right of Palestinian state in 1967 borders and Al Quds al Sharif ( Jerusalem) as his capital.

From Pakistan and India to Nepal and Kenya, Morocco and Guinea, UAE is sponsoring projects of education, irrigation, poverty eradication and promoting equality of chances and development of rural communities in celebrated initiatives as: Dress One Million Needy Children, a project destined to provide clothing to one million poor children across the world.

By the size of his humanitarian projects sponsored across the world, related to the population and surface UAE ranks the second in the world in front of countries like United States, Japan or Italy etc.

The most recent disaster stricken country, Philippines, received on the spot 10 million’s dollars to help the authorities cope with the humanitarian crisis.

This long track record of assistance and donor capacities made Sheikh Khalifa to describe his country as “a state of giving, pace and security”.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan-UAE President wants to create a state of peace, security and generosity


The positive force of UAE is not only reaching far and wide, but is starting from the home build miracle.

In the last two decades United Arab Emirates had succeeded to build a promised land for more than 200 nationalities and developed his economy by a staggering 200 times, comparing with the independence year-1971.

This powerful economic development is shared also with the communities of expats and foreign workers, that contributed to this economic miracle , most recent a three year plan, envisage to spend 36 USD billion to improve health, educational and material conditions of working force in UAE.

All this having as a goal, to create a society that is “a paradise for citizens and foreigners alike, that are living in peace in a tolerant community and free from segregation and injustice.”

The economic development of UAE is not only building his capacity as a donor for humanitarian projects, but is also insuring his capacity to develop economic project`s around the world.

Solar powered plants are build today in Mauritania and Morocco, solar technologies are having a hub in the Masdar Institute of Technology and Masdar City and environmental projects are providing a life worth living for millions around the world.

All regional economies are benefiting from continuous economic miracle build by the emirates. This force of reaching and affecting the life`s of everyone gets a new confirmation in the crushing vote in supporting Dubai as host of World Expo 2020.

From Romania in Central Europe to United States in American continent and Arab and African countries, everyone has supported Dubai role as a hub for new technologies, tourism, and economic development and as center of the new Silk Road, connecting China-Europe and South America via Africa.

After being declared World Best Tourist Destination in 2008, now as a host of World Expo 2020 United Arab Emirates are having a new opportunity to create the future by connecting minds, as the logo of the new world exhibition is proclaiming.

Masdar City-an area of clean , solar energy.


What are the lessons of all this 42 years of this emotion full adventure, that we call United Arab Emirates?

Off course, economists, politicians and cultural experts will draw many conclusion for how to make a nation building, but I will settled for two major conclusion.

The force of UAE is projecting is the force of moderation , a powerful and rich country that is not using his influence in fostering conflicts and confrontation but in building nations, supporting humanitarian causes and promoting world unity and cooperation.

Second is the success of the model of inclusiveness.

UAE did not build walls of segregation`s and created an economic miracle for citizens and foreigners alike, a society constructed on solidarity will survive, one build on separation will succumb, this is the lesson that UAE is teaching the world.

Witnessing the 42 anniversary of UAE you might be in awe from the tall Burj Khalifa, or admire the economic productivity of Dubai World or to be inspired by the Dubai winning bid for World Expo 2020, but what I found most inspiring was the multitude of people, coming from all the corners of the world, wearing the T-shirts or signs of funding fathers of UAE in a sign of gratitude for the country that targets to be a paradise for all: United Arab Emirates.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on November 8, 2013 at 5:05 PM

The Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan was visited between 2 to 5 November 2013 by a high level European Council on International Relations (EUCIR) lead by the Council President-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


EUCIR President visited with his delegation Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan Autonomous Region

The Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan is integral part of Republic of Azerbaijan and is favourable placed for economic and political cooperation as is surrounded by Iran, Turkey and Armenia and could become a potential cultural, economic and political hub in the region.


The European delegation visit to Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan was concentrated in analysing economic and tourist facilities, road and communication and to explore the development potential of Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan and also the cultural and historical patrimony of the outstanding region of Caucasus.


Amongst the highlights of the visit was the on the spot trip to the salt mine and health facilities of the Duzdag Health and Therapy Center recommended for treatment of a large area of long diseases.


In the amenities area also the delegation lead by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had visited the markets of the area and the facilities for producing world famous Ordubad art crafts.


In the cultural and historical leg of the journey the European delegation had embarked in a tour of city of Nakhchivan, a city with a 3.500 years history, a on the spot excursion to Prophet Noah Tomb, visiting Heydar Aliyev Palace in the city, carpet museum, a cruise to the ancient city of Ordubad, an incursion to the Nakhchivan Shah palace and to Ashabi-Khaf mosque and had observed a classical and opera spectacle offered by the Drama Theatre of Nakhchivan.


Opera spectacle offered by the Drama Theatre of Nakhchivan for EUCIR delegation


Among the cultural and archaeological patrimony of Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan praised by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea where nominated Momina Khatun Shrine and Huseyn Javid House Museum as land marks of a cultural trip to the region.


Also ECTT President Anton Caragea had congratulated the Nakhchivan Opera assembly that proved that high quality music and classical entertainment could be provided in any region if there is the will and the resources necessary.


Opera of Nakhchivan deserves all the plaudits and is a witness of the genius of Azeri people concluded Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


Taking the advantage of the presence of EUCIR Council President the authorities of the Nakhchivan Republic inaugurated the new facility of Nakhchivan State University.


EUCIR President tours the new building if Nakhchivan State University


The new university main building is comprised of 25 fully refurbished classes facilities, academic rooms, exhibition corridors and sport and cultural amenities.


Also the complex includes buildings for housing students from other areas and international students and professors in residence at Nakhchivan State University.


New housing facility at Nakhchivan State University


President Anton Caragea tour the facilities, inquired about internet access and medical and food arrangements for professors and students, visited cantina areas and explored the educational rooms and spruced up new buildings of the university.


Furbish classrooms at Univeristy

In his inaugural allocution Professor Dr. Anton Caragea express his admiration for the new Nakhchivan State University complex that is meeting international criteria’s for education, health and perfect learning environment wishing full success for the professor and students of the new university and promised that will come back to observe the progresses of the Nakhchivan State University.



The visit to Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan was the first visit of a European cultural delegation dedicated to analyses, assess and promote the cultural potential of this extraordinary region of Azerbaijan.


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In the last period of time, a new concept had arise in the framework of international policy and of environmental action: the idea of an ecological civilization, understood as a complex economic, cultural and social structure that is insuring the future of global and sustainable development, in accordance with the laws and necessities of nature.


In today world the emphasis must be on building a new society structure, based on the values of ecological civilization.


Professor Dr. Anton Caragea presenting his views on a XXI century based on values of ecological civilization.


From a historical point of view, we can appreciate that we are leaving a turning point in the development of human society.


This moment can be only compared with the end of medieval age and the beginning of the industrial and modern period of human society, a period that involved a profound transformation in society, politics and economy.


Today we are living a similar period of world crisis and transformation.


This is involving a tremendous economic crisis, spaninng now for more that six years, a crisis that it will continue for at least five to ten more years and is re-shaping economic climate, business environment and is creating poverty, inflation and promoting striking inequality and exploitation all around the world.


Present day economic crisis, is proving that the XVII century economic model of capitalist and profit based economy is exhausted and is not creating wealth and prosperity but poverty, underdevelopment and crisis on a world scale .


The crisis that we are experience now is deeper than just the economic factor it is also rapidly becoming an environmental disaster at planetary scale.


The economic and civilization model in use today in the western world, becomes unsustainable: the resources are depleting in a rhythm unknown in history, the pollution is exacerbating and the economic cost of the environmental changes and climate changes is unfathomable.


Confronted by the failure of today economic system (based on inequality, quagmire poverty, the abnormal cost of consumer based society etc.) and the natural patrimony destruction by exploitation and pollution, all factors converge to make this model un-economic, un-ethical and un-sustainable.


The consumerist based society and vision of a future, in which we can spend and destroy everything for the sake of profit, is based on a failed policy and vision that is undermining the future of human society.


The economic crisis has broken down from the rostrum of philosophical ideas the concept of eternal development and never ending consumerism.


The ecological crisis is spelling clearly the end of another dream (of inexhaustibility of natural resources and non-value of nature) and is emphasizing the fact that: the collapse of the present civilization model is putting under question the future of human specie.


I must also emphasize that by today the ecological crisis is rapidly becoming an emergency in tackling, because of the high risk involved in the environmental damage and the resources exhausting.


Heydar Aliyev Center: the venue for a new manifesto for XXI century.


Solving this issues: safeguarding the resources and the environment becomes economically inefficient and unsustainable for today civilization model based solely on profit as supreme value.


Converting human society towards an ecological civilization is therefore logical and necessary in order to adapt the XXI century society to the challenges and transformations of our time.


The philosophical solutions of XVII century are no longer feasible in today economic and political climate.


As any new concept, the theory of an ecological civilization is yet to be properly determined, but there are some key issues that need to be analyzed:



Ecological civilization: a national goal or an international target?


More and more country’s are starting adopting and pioneering the concept of Ecological civilization (in 2007 Communist Party of China leader –Hu Jintao even press for adopting ecological civilization as a national objective in Peoples Republic of China and present day President Xi Jinping ask United Nations to register this concept along sustainable development ) we must draw a fine line between the implementation of the concept of Ecological Civilization (E.C) in the national economy and development plans and adopting as an international target.


Already United Nations Development Program adopted Chinese report on China Sustainable Development Report 2013 – the road to ecological civilization: the next decade, as an UNDP international document and started elaborating future policies on this document.


From this first steps is starting the first necessity in elaborating and implementing the concept of Ecological Civilization.


To this extent we can use the road map, already drafted for Millennium Development Goals and start incorporating the basic principles of ecological civilization into national documents in the same time as elaborating them as international documents.


We must clearly state that: all thou the national actor’s role in implementing Ecological civilization on a world scale is prominent, solely promoting the inclusion into national agenda will not suffice.


Only accepting Ecological Civilization as a long term, mandatory goal of the international community can offer chances to success in implementing this society model on a world scale.



Representatives from 65 countries attended the manifesto launch.


The role of diplomacy in promoting ecological civilization concept.


The promotion and international presentation of the ecological civilization paradigm is a task that can be entrusted to international diplomacy.


In order to rapidly foster the dialogue and the acceptance of the concept of ecological civilization (E.C.) this must be amalgamated as an index (similar to human development index) in ranking countries international stature and success.


All the countries must be evaluated in their contribution in implementing the E.C. model in their economy and society and also in appraising their role in attaining this aim on international level.


Ecological Civilization must be introduced as a part of international law by becoming part of the international treaty system, being a starting point for regional, trans-national and global and continental cooperation ( and also used in bilateral agreements between national and international company, NGO and cultural entities etc.-on the framework of cooperation carved for Millennium Development Goals ).


In 1997, United States proposed a Forum of Democracy, in promoting the values of indirect democracy world wide.


This initiative has failed in the mean time as indirect democracy is considered inadequate by more and more countries, but the idea must not be forfeit.


A similar Forum for Ecological Civilization, used by the nations and institution that understand their global responsibility, can be used to foster connection and promote the practical measures to achieve the goal of ecological civilization.


The international assistance budgets must be converted in budgets for ecological civilization development.


Instead of being awarded and placed for political agenda issues, on debatable criteria, there must be used solely for projects that are in conformity with sustainable development criteria and agenda.


The contribution of all nations to international peace and security and development must be based on the contribution to promote an ecological friendly civilization.


This also must be based on the contribution of United Nation and their relief and specialized agencies and also of economic world entities (such International Monetary Fund and World Bank) in implementing ecological civilization specific agendas.


Initiating a global and world wide level debate it is another urgency . This debate will be centred on economical agents and on the necessity of promoting the agenda of ecological civilization as the only rational and economic sound investment, based on concepts like: green economy, sustainable profit and updating economical mechanisms to the provocation of XXI century environmental cost.


Building an ecological civilization involves a change in the economic society matrix that has proven to be unreliable and inefficient and unproductive.


Today economic matrix ( that is disregarding the long term impact on environment) has proven to be inefficient, cost-ineffective and promoting under-development on a world level and promoting inequity and inequality between nations, regions and economical classes , creating un-sound disparities and provoking havoc in economy and world environment.


This situation must mark clearly that the ecological civilization is not a trend or an intellectual fashion, but must evolve in being a society model responsive to the necessities of XXI century.


European Council on International Relations-President

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, MA, FINS, EDA


Posted by European Council on International Relations on November 8, 2013 at 4:50 AM

An European Council on International Relations lead by european council president had taken under consideration the academic, cultural and political opportunities offered by tAzerbaijan. 

Between 30 October to 5 November 2013 a delegation from European Council on International Relations (EUCIR) was invited for an official trip to Azerbaijan and to Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan in order to analyze academic, cultural and political opportunities offered by this important country in the Caspian Sea Region.


Also EUCIR President Anton Caragea attended from 31 October to 1 November 2013 the International Humanitarian Forum held in Baku, a forum that become the world center of cultural and academic elite.


EUCIR President Anton Caragea presents a manifesto for XXI Century in Baku


The Forum had united, under the leadership of Azerbaijan President-Ilham Aliyev, the highest representatives of academic groups and world leaders from 65 countries in search of solutions to build a world free of economic crisis, wars and conflicts.


Upon the invitation of Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan-Elmar Mammadyarov, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations (EUCIR) attended as key-note speaker to the forum activities.


Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev succed in transforming Baku in a gathering point for world elite.


Opening the International Humanitarian Forum of Baku, President Ilham Aliyev had underlined the necessity to reorganize international institutions system in order to increase their effectiveness and action power.


The purpose of this proposed reform is to empower the decisions of international organisms and to avoid negative cases, like in the situation of Nagorno-Karabakh where United Nations decisions are not implemented for more than two decades and remain dead letter.


Azerbaijan President highlighted the necessity to export inter-cultural dialogue model of Azerbaijan, that become a country for many religions and ethnical groups, a country that is respecting equally the Christian, Judaic or Islamic heritage, as part of the global historical patrimony of Azerbaijan.


″We have restored an ancient Zoroastrian temple in Azerbaijan. The oldest church in the Caucasus is also located in Azerbaijan. It has also been renovated. The Shamakhi Juma Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in the world, has been overhauled. It is 1270 years old.


In other words, restoration and protection of the monuments of all religions are part of the national policy″, concluded Azeri president.


The national Azeri leader mentioned in his speech and the importance of economic development model offered by Azerbaijan in this time of crisis, citing a constant economic growth, low unemployment and high standard of living, with salaries that increased six times in the last decade, all this factors helped Azerbaijan ranking in the top 39 world economic competitiveness.


In his allocution, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations (EUCIR) had openly thanked President Ilham Aliyev for the initiative to host this high standard forum that has the potential of creating a global world dialogue platform, in order to create a XXI century world without humanitarian crisis, a world of social equity, equal chances and sustainable development.


In his key note speech, President Dr. Anton Caragea underlined the fact that the only cure for world economic crisis is a global debate, that will replace the philosophical fundaments of XVIII century, with the imperatives of XXI century: an ecological civilization, relinquishing the capitalist economic paradigm and replacing it with sustainable development and ousting profit as the symbol of global economic assessment and replacing it by social utility.


After the forum works where concluded, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and European Council on International Relations (EUCIR) delegation taken up a tour of city of Baku and a familiarization trip to Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, component part of Republic of Azerbaijan.


The visit had a strong cultural component including a tour of city of Nakhchivan, a city with a 3.500 years history, a on the spot excursion to Prophet Noah Tomb, visiting Heydar Aliyev Palace in the city, carpet museum, a cruise to the ancient city of Ordubad, an incursion to the Nakhchivan Shah palace and to Ashabi-Khaf mosque and had observed a classical and opera spectacle offered by the Drama Theatre of Nakhchivan.


President of EUCIR-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea inaugurates Ordubad Historical Museum


The Baku city tour presented a capital that unites perfectly high tech buildings and the splendours of the old city and had included a visit to Shirvanshah palace, Azeri national television and medieval citadel.


President of European Council on International Relations, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had stated in a television interview for National Azeri Channel that: Baku is today a symbol metropolis that is respecting the past and building a powerful mega polis in line with XXI century requirements and magnificent located on shores of Caspian Sea.


The visit to Azerbaijan was held between 30 October and 5 November 2013 and was inscribed in the bilateral expressed desire to develop the strategic partnership and in order to better appreciate the cultural, economic and civilization model offered by Azeri society to European Union.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on October 12, 2013 at 5:35 PM

A productive and intensive dialogue was conducted between President of European Council on International Relations and  Minister for International Relations of Kurdistan Regional Government

On the occasion of the official visit of H.E. Hoshyar Zebari -Foreign Minister of Iraq to Europe was invited for a working visit to our country and the Minister for International Relations of Kurdistan Regional Government-Falah Mustafa Bakir.


President of European Council on International Relations receives Kurdistan Minister of Foreign Relations


On the sideline of this visit, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations held a discussion with Minister- Falah Mustafa Bakir regarding the developing of bilateral relations between Europe and Kurdistan in the broader framework of the relation between Europe and Iraq.


During the dialogue important topics where tabled, such as: broadening the cultural and academic relations between Europe and Kurdistan, opening special courses to prepare the diplomatic personal from the Regional Kurdistan Government, opening a parliamentary friendship group amongst the two parliaments and also the potential for bilateral economic cooperation was under review.


H.E. Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir had underlined the potential of bilateral educational cooperation and marked also the historical similitude’s that are bridging together Europe and Kurdistan as their common fight for democracy and against dictatorship considering this as the necessary base for a continuous development of bilateral relation.


H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations had convened upon the necessity to boost the bilateral dialogue and express congratulation on the exertions of Minister- Falah Mustafa Bakir in order to promote the correct and positive image of Kurdistan in the world.


Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had also underlined the significance of the visit of Minister Hoshyar Zebari for the bilateral connection and warmly appreciated the irreproachable organization of the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq with the support of President Office of European Council on International Relations.


The relations between Europe and Iraq are becoming a crucial pillar in the framework of our country diplomatic connections with the Middle East, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on September 3, 2013 at 8:45 AM

An article expressing the analysis of the policies implemented by Japanese Prime Minister-Shinzo Abe in the last year of government and is presenting the main figures of what is called today as abenomics.

Just two years ago the key words about Japan where summarized in the expression: lost decades. After 1990, Japan seems to be fallen in along period marked by stagnation and by natural disasters such as Kobe earthquake and more recent Fukushima tsunami.

On economic field, the country that once towered over the region as an international symbol of economic growth in the sixties and seventies, was struggling now with hipper-inflation, reduced economic competitiveness and the unfair competition of cheep and low quality products of China.

The man who succeeded in pulling up the country from tittering on the brink of the abyss: Shinzo Abe had managed also to enrich the economic vocabulary with a new term: abenomics (a strange mingling of his name-Abe and economics).

What is abenomics?

The economic policy that allowed a new Japanese economic miracle to appear was created by a seasoned and sophisticated mixture of direct state investment in economy and indirect state buying of Japanese National Bank bonds, a move that allowed for the credit to be cheaper and more relaxed and for interest rates to decrease.

This infusion of capital was not planed as a sole engine for economic growth but was planed to aid and support private investment as the key factor in economic development.

State sponsored investment is just an auxiliary, a support and confidence booster in economic growth and an ingredient to further increase private confidence in economy.

Another key element of the economic stimulus plan is offered by the increase in competitiveness of the Japanese products by means of financial support, including currency devaluation that is insuring that national products are cheaper and more attractive and by fiscally backing increases in competitiveness.

Finally, what is making Japanese prime minister plan different is the accent on fighting the inflation and keeping it under control.

As a golden rule, any stimulus package must bear the responsibility of an increase in inflation. Is not the case with Japan where abenomics is creating a serious anti-inflation package with controlling the spike in wages, strict taxation and export oriented growth rather that stimulus of internal consumption.

All are specific measures that are making abenomics a balanced experience between growth and inflation, competitiveness and exports etc. Finally, another trait of the abenomics that deserves our attention is the social management plan.

The pension system, social security and health systems are all regarded as pivots of the economic growth but also of national satisfaction.

Proceeding by this path the Abe government is not falling down the easy road of electoral charity, as done in United States or Europe, but is opting for investing the economic surplus in indirect social expenses that are enriching life quality without inflation as a side effect.

A new inspired decision!


Abenomics-an international model?

Once the first results of abenomics are becoming visible. the plan enjoyed a star status, many economists are predicting a role model for these economic policies, famous economic thinkers as Joseph Stiglitz, risking the prophecy that abenomics will be a successful blue print for world economy.

The general interest was also attracted by the elevation of economic situation at the level of national security agenda.

It is in this decision a message of seriousness and maximum attention that Shinzo Abe government is portraying as a supplementary strong point of the Japanese economy in front of the national and international private investors.

The status of national economy becomes as such an element of national security and your investments are sure, is the subliminal message that Japan is offering to the investment market as a new powerful arguments in his favour.

Undoubtedly, the news of the hay days of Japanese economy is a good news for world economy already deeply endangered by the collapse of Chinese economy.

The abenomics can be only used by the country which already has build a powerful economic apparatus, with a developed industrial mechanism like European Union members states or American economy, as we are confronted with an economic experience that is focused on refining the economic decisions in preventing inflation and insuring a healthy and stable economic development after the current world economic crisis.

As such the abenomics model must be understood and copied by the world economic powers in order to allow a solution to emerge out of this world economic crisis.

By this alone the abenomics can be the most valuable contribution that Japan is presenting in re-launching the world economy development and by extracting the world out of this auto-regenerating crisis.

Today, thanks to abenomics, Japan can rest assured as his role model in world economic recovery is guaranteed.



Posted by European Council on International Relations on August 25, 2013 at 8:45 AM

On 5 July 2013 the taking office, protocol meeting, between Prof.Dr.Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations and H.E. Omer Berzinji, Ambassador of Republic of Iraq, had taken place.


Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea express his heart felted congratulation on the occasion of beginning of mandate of H.E. Omer Berzinji and stated that Iraq was and it will always be considered a strong ally and friend of Europe in the Middle East region and expressing the view that we have all the unmistakable signs of a successful strategic friendship.


In his speech Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had appreciated that between Europe and Iraq we are witnessing a large area of common interests such as: strong, constant developing and stable economic relations, an open and substantial political dialogue and a common sentiment of brotherhood.


All this elements are destined to forge a good understanding between the two nations.


The European – Iraqi relationship must be an example of constructing strong relation between Europe and Middle East region.


In the last decade the bilateral dialogue with Iraq was exceptional in amplitude, seriousness and efficacy and this bilateral long term commitment is constitute an obligation for both of the countries to continue building this framework of dialogue and friendship.


H.E. Omer Berzinji had expressed his appreciation for the encouragement`s offered by Prof.Dr.Anton Caragea and had stated that the vision of a economic, politic and cultural special relationship between Europe and Iraq is a mutual shared vision.


Iraq is constructing today and open and all inclusive society, based on dialogue and democratic values and also a strong economy that needs European support in technologies, goods and investments, in a win-win relations concluded H.E.Ambassador Omer Berzinji.


The dialogue had continued on concrete aspects and analyses of economic, political and cultural bilateral relations and on ways of fostering this dialogue on to the future.


Concrete actions on increasing European peoples awareness on Iraq continuing development and on economic opportunities, promoting the bilateral relation and especially marking festive the 50 years celebration of bilateral diplomatic relations where discuss and established, transforming the year 2013 in IRAQ IN EUROPE .


The amicable discussion marked also an evaluation of present day cultural debates in Islamic world, from the role of democracy and inter-cultural dialogue in Islam and the dialogue between Middle East and Europe where also themes tabled at the meeting.


An iraqi carpet is handed out in sign of appreciation for President Dr. Anton Caragea by H.E. Ambassador Omar Berzinji.


The dialogue led the foundations of a successful diplomatic mandate and offered the solutions necessary to foster in the near future the relations between Europe and Iraq and constitutes a promise to continue a successful direction of European diplomatic action.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on August 25, 2013 at 8:40 AM

On 10 June, 2013 a friendly and cooperation meeting between Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations and H.E. Abdulrahman Al Rassi, Ambassador of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had taken place.


Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea expressed his amicable fillings and friendly interest towards the recent evolutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is playing an instrumental role in promoting cultural and economic development in the Middle East area. Also Europe is witnessing with sympathy and interest the latest evolution from Saudi Arabia, including the government measures for consolidating the economic development and creating a diversified economy and the decision to foster social inclusion and cultural development in the Kingdom.


Europe is, and it will always be, ready to build a special and stable relation with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a relation based on the community of interests in the economic, politic and cultural areas, concluded Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


H.E. Ambassador Abdulrahman Al Rassi express his appreciation for the encouragements received and for the amicable atmosphere registered amongst Europe n people towards the culture and civilization of Saudi Arabia.


Between the two nations there is an ample desire for information and cooperation and to amplify the bilateral relation stated Ambassador Abdulrahman Al Rassi.


On this solid foundation we can consider an extension of the cultural dimension of bilateral relation and in building new bridges of dialogue between Europe and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The parties had appreciated that between Europe and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there are large area of common interests, designed to forge a good understanding between the two nations.


An increase in the presence of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related news in Europe n mass media and informational market and a better reflection of his specific culture to Europe n public and the presence of an academic message of support where also tabled at the meeting.


The dialogue had continued on concrete aspects and analyses of economic, political and cultural bilateral relations and on ways of fostering this dialogue on to the future.


The discussion led the foundations for continuing the dialogue and fostering the relations between Europe and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on August 25, 2013 at 8:35 AM

A delegation from United Arab Emirates was invited for an official visit to Europe, as a part of the large and sustained efforts from Europe and United Arab Emirates side to further strengthen the bilateral relation and to offer a strategic dimension to the Europe -United Arab Emirates friendship.


Chairman of Economic Committee of Romanian Senate-Mr.Lucian Iliescu and Senator Ionel Agrigoroaiei-President of Romania-UAE Friendship Committee and UAE delegation: UAE Ambassador Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani , Mr. Khalid Almannaei – International Affairs Director UAE , Mr. Abdulla Qassem- World Engagement Director with WORLD EXPO 2020, Mr. Kaabi Hazza – Minister’s Office at Ministry of Foreign Affairs , MAHMOOD AL BASTAKI – CEO of DUBAI TRADE


The visit took place between 3 and 4 April 2013.


A perfect program was carved for United Arab Emirates delegation, with the support of Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations, program designed to emphasize clearly the importance of the bond connecting Europe and United Arab Emirates.


The UAE delegation was received at the highest level, special discussion being held with the President of Chamber of Deputies – Mr. Valeriu Zgonea and President of Senate-Mr. Crin Antonescu addressed a warm welcoming message to the delegation and entrusted Vice-President of Senate-Mr. Cristian Dumitrescu to express the highly degree of importance and special significance attach by Europe side to the relation with United Arab Emirates.


The Chairman of Economic Commission of the Senate, Mr. Lucian Iliescu had clearly marked the European side desire for economic cooperation and increase in the volume of bilateral trade and the support for using Dubai-The Host of WORLD EXPO 2020 as a hub for imports and exports from Europe to enter the Golf Cooperation Council market.


In the governmental level discussions, attended by ministers and secretaries of state from Ministries of Tourism, Economy, Business Environment and Future Society, the United Arab Emirates delegation was warmly received and with a clear note of interest in economic exchanges being developed further and with European desire to support Dubai Candidature for WORLD EXPO 2020 and to uphold an extensive political dialogue clearly underlined.


Minister of Information Society: Mr. Dan Nica and Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and UAE delegation : UAE Ambassador Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani , Mr. Khalid Almannaei – International Affairs Director UAE , Mr. Abdulla Qassem- World Engagement Director with WORLD EXPO 2020, Mr. Kaabi Hazza – Minister’s Office at Ministry of Foreign Affairs , MAHMOOD AL BASTAKI – CEO of DUBAI TRADE.


On 4 of April 2013, the United Arab Emirates delegation was honoured guest in the opening of the European Support Exhibition for Dubai-HOST OF WORLD EXPO 2020.


The ample, successfully and perfect organized visit by the highly skilled team of UAE Embassy, lead by Ambassador Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani, was a new chapter in the developing contacts between the two governments, parliaments and peoples and a clear illustration of Europe -United Arab Emirates strong friendship.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on August 25, 2013 at 8:30 AM

Professor dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations( EUCIR ) had invited a delegation of ambassadors to attended the spring edition of the DISCOVER EUROPE program by visiting Bucovina.


Bucovina is one of the most scenic spots of Europe, encompassing UNESCO cultural heritage sites such as: Voronet, Sucevita and Dragomirna and also geographical wonders that are transforming Bucovina in the land of magic, a focal point in world tourism top.


Under the mandate of the recently elected President of Suceava County: Mr. Catalin Nechifor , Bucovina has being transformed in a prime interest area for investors and business community, becoming a rapid developing economic attraction, ambassadors invited to take part in the delegation, having the chance for first hand contact with local realities and rapid developing areas in Europe .


Being invited to attend the regular trips of DISCOVER EUROPE program and visiting the natural and cultural scenic spots of Europe is a reward traditionally awarded to ambassadors that had successfully fulfilled their offices in the last six months, outstandingly promoting the bilateral relations with Europe .


In the last years EUCIR had organized ambassadors trip in gorgeous areas such as: Maramures County, Apuseni Mountain, Danube Delta and Hateg region and today we have felt it is the time to promote the fusion of art, culture and natural beauties but also the culinary specialities of Bucovina stated Professor dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations( EUCIR).


The program of ambassadors delegation headed by Professor dr. Anton Caragea was carved to include discussions on high level with authorities of Suceava county, with President of the Suceava Council: Mr. Catalin Nechifor, with the Rector Office of Suceava University( the university staff outlined the project of anew technologic campus , an investment to exceed 200 million euro) ,and discussion with leading business community members under the banner of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Suceava.


After the productive and intense business discussion held at local level the ambassadors delegation had also enjoyed an exceptional cultural program designed with the support of president of the County Council: Mr. Catalin Nechifor.


The visit had encompassed trips to UNESCO heritage monasteries of Voronet (world famous for his outside wall paintings and for the unique Voronet blue colour), Sucevita and Dragomirna, trips to Horse Training Center where ambassadors enjoyed a practical riding lesson and Hunting Center, where ambassadors where informed about the rules and regulation for organizing hunting’s in Europe and also could taste unique cuisine of the region.


The tight schedule had included also stops to Ion Irimescu Sculpture Museum, where the fabulous Irimescu sculptures with prices ranging from 1 to 10 million euro where scrupulously admired by the ambassadors, a visit to Vatra Dornei and the world famous mineral waters of the area, where ambassadors also enjoyed a meal of trout and pheasants and an instructive working visit to Black Pottery Center form Marginea Village, where they could admire the famous craftsmen of Bucovina and learn from source how to produce the unique ceramic of the region with unchanged technologic process from the last 5.000 years.


Professor dr. Anton Caragea, AMBASSADOR FOR WORLD NATURAL PROTECTED AREAS had included in the ambassadors visit some of the natural reservations from Suceava County in order to highlight the importance of this area to the local economy.


The program also included a special culinary show in every night that had included deer stake with wild berry jam, rabbit and pheasants and more than 50 varieties of local cheese and famous Bucovina pastry, the richness of the food illustrating Bucovina as a fusion zone for oriental cuisine and for western culinary experiences.


The ambassadors present to BUCOVINA: LAND OF MIRACLES trip expressed their gratitude for the special trip to the land of magic: Bucovina on the spot visit, that presented before their eyes unique cultural treasures , unique taste of culinary magic and more important they have the privilege to encounter the real miracle of the area: friendly and warm peoples of Bucovina.





Ambassador group visiting the famous Baciu House- the headquarters of delicious cuisine of Bucovina.




Ambassadors get courage for a Bucovina type dance in general joy.




The beauty of Bucovina horses.




Touring the Palaces of Vatra Dornei.




The famous pheasants of Bucovina.




Dialogue at the Camber of Commerce and Industry of Suceava county.




Visiting the mineral water gushing station in Bucovina . Health from water.


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The end of parliamentary session, in July 2013, had opened the gates to an avalanche of reports and statistics on the legislative performances.

The first Romanian Parliament based on one-candidate party list had marked a series of records such as: the biggest number of parliamentary in Romanian history, but also the least productive in terms of pass legislation.

There is one field that marked a net positive trend in parliamentary activities: parliamentary diplomacy.

The former Parliament, in activity between 2008-2012, had marked a time of political isolation and a refuse of natural role as promoter on international stage of Romanian national image and interests by using the tools of parliamentary diplomacy.

In this area the present day legislative had marked an impressive boost in activities.

Amongst the parliamentary with the best track record in this area of sensitive and important realm of parliamentary diplomacy we can count in Senate: the county of Iasi representative: Mr. Ionel Agrigoroaei and in the Chamber of Deputies, The Chairman Valeriu Zgonea, Dolj County representative.

The Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei had succeeded an impressive activity in this field, being the only Romanian parliamentary, in the last two legislatures, chosen to organize a parliamentary friendship group.

This record is related to the Initiative Group for Parliamentary Cooperation between Romania and United Arab Emirates, a group created and leaded by the senator with the support of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation and United Arab Emirates Embassy in Romania.



Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei presenting the support for DUBAI- HOST OF WORLD EXPO 2020.

The Initiative Group for Parliamentary Cooperation is specially carved entities created to mark the parliamentary dialogue and to support the openings of the parliamentary friendship groups between the two parliaments.

United Arab Emirates are the main economic partner of Romania in the Arabic Golf area and a partner for extensive political, diplomatic and cultural dialogue.

Unfortunately the bilateral parliamentary cooperation was not at the required level necessary to support such developed relations and the Initiative Group for Parliamentary Cooperation between Romania and United Arab Emirates was designed especially to bridge this gap.

Also, Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei was involved in supporting the official visit of a high level delegation from United Arab Emirates in a courtesy call to Romanian Parliament and in organizing the Romanian Exhibition in support of Dubai-Host City for World Expo 2020.

Meanwhile the Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei was the first Romanian senator and political figure to be invited for taking part in a delegation in Laos.

Laos is one of the key economic actors in the Indochina Peninsula area, one of the Asian tigers of the region and a country of enormous potential for bilateral cooperation with Romania.



Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei meets the Prime Minister of Laos.

The Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei was received by the Laos Prime Minister- Thongsing Thammavong, by Dr. Bosengkham Vongdara-Minister of Tourism and Culture, by Minister of Foreign Affairs and by Mr. Asang Laoly -Vice-Prime Minister of Laos, being the first Romanian parliamentarian that enjoyed such high level access in Laos.

Another area that was crucial in the activity of Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei was the relation with Kazakhstan.

The Senator has being elected as member of Romania-Kazakhstan Parliamentary Friendship Group. Kazakhstan is the main trading partner of Romania in the region, is the second international investor in Romanian national economy and a strategic partner for Romania in Central Asia.



Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei presenting the KAZAKHSTAN 2050 STRATEGY by President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei was the only Romanian parliamentarian elected to attend the unveiling of Romanian edition of the KAZAKHSTAN 2050 STRATEGY by Kazakhstan President –Nursultan Nazarbayev. He was also involved in the visit of Kazakhstan parliamentary delegation to Romanian Parliament, the first of a kind in the history of bilateral relation and in organizing the International Conference on Combating World Crisis and on Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy in Romanian Parliament.

By this sustained activity and marking a series of records in parliamentary diplomacy the senator Ionel Agrigoroaei leads in the international activity top in this legislative session.

Interesting to point out is the fact that: the rich international activity of the senator has not diminished the efficiency of his internal activities, the senator leading also in the statistics on the interpellations addressed to the Prime Minister (8 interpellations) questions (27) and in open speeches (51 presentation).

In the Chamber of Deputy, President Valeriu Zgonea had succeeded also a remarkable diplomatic performance. Amongst his strong points in diplomatic activities we can count: the record of being the first Chairman of Chamber of Deputies invited to attend the Astana Economic Forum ( May 2013) the most important international venue to debate world economic problems and select the necessary measures to combat the world economic crisis.

Thanks to the activity of Chairman of Chamber of Deputies, for the first time, the voice of Romania could be heard at the stage of this international world forum.

Chairman Valeriu Zgonea had also received the honor, grace to his astute diplomatic talent, of being the first leader of Chamber of Deputies invited to inaugurate an exhibition destined to support Dubai candidature to WORLD EXPO 2020.



President of Chamber of Deputies-Mr. Valeriu Zgonea outlines the support for DUBAI-HOST OF WORLD EXPO 2020 exhibition.

The exhibition to support the Dubai candidature for WORLD EXPO 2020 was the greatest event of this kind in Europe and the presence at his opening of a high level delegation from United Arab Emirates had marked the important role Romania hold, result of his intensive parliamentary activity.

The important role of diplomatic diplomacy, lead by deputies leader, Valeriu Zgonea was also underlined by the visit to Romanian Parliament of the high level delegation of Kazakhstan Parliament, the main strategic partner of Romania.



President of Romanian Chamber of Deputies meeting the high level United Arab Emirates delegation.

All this remarkable strategic achievements are representing a new face of the Legislature that started his mandate in 9 December 2012: a more dynamic parliament internationally represented and with a good activity at the level of parliamentary diplomacy.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on July 7, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Finalul sesiunii parlamentare, in iulie 2013, a dat nastere la nenumarate statistici si evaluari ale performantelor legislativului rezultat in urma alegerilor din decembrie 2012.

Primul parlament al Romaniei, bazat pe votul uninominal,a marcat o serie de recorduri precum: cel mai numeros Parlament din istoria Romaniei, dar si cel mai putin productiv in termenii legislatiei aprobate. Intr-un domeniu insa activitatea noului parlament a inregistrat o crestere calitativa neta : diplomatia parlamentara.

Fostul parlament, al perioadei 2008-2012, a marcat o izolare politica si un refuz al rolului natural, de promotor al imaginii nationale si al interesului Romaniei pe scena internationala prin diplomatia parlamentara, actualul Parlament a marcat o imbunatatire simtitoare a activitatilor in aceasta zona.

Printre parlamentarii ce s-au ilustrat cel mai bine in acest domeniu, important si sensibil, al diplomatiei parlamentare, ii putem enumera la Senat, pe reprezentantul Iasi-ului, Ionel Agrigoroaei si la Camera Deputatilor pe Presedintele Valeriu Zgonea, reprezentantul Dolj-ului.

Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei a reusit o activitatea impresionanta in acest domeniu, fiind singurul parlamentar roman, din ultimele doua legislaturi, ales sa organizeze un grup parlamentar de prietenie.

Este vorba de Grupul de Initiativa pentru Cooperare Parlamentara Romania-Emiratele Arabe Unite, la conducerea caruia a fost ales senatorul de catre Institutul de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica si de catre Ambasada Emiratelor Arabe Unite in Romania.


Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei prezinta sprijinul pentru DUBAI-CAPITALA EXPOZITIEI MONDIALE 2020.

Grupurile de initiativa pentru cooperare parlamentara bilaterala, sunt organisme create special pentru a pune bazele dialogului parlamentar si pentru a realiza constituirea grupurilor parlamentare in cele doua parlamente. Emiratele Arabe Unite sunt principalul partener economic al Romaniei in zona Golfului Arabic, partener de dialog politic, diplomatic si cultural extins.

Din nefericire cooperarea parlamentara bilaterala nu era la nivelul dorit si necesar unor asemenea relatii si Grupul de Initiativa pentru Cooperare Parlamentara Romania-Emiratele Arabe Unite a aparut tocmai pentru a remedia aceasta situatie.

Totodata, senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei a fost implicat si in organizarea vizitei oficiale, a primei delegatii la nivel inalt a Emiratelor Arabe Unite la Parlamentul Romaniei si in desfasurarea expozitiei de sprijin a Romaniei pentru orasul Dubai-Oras Candidat la Expozitia Mondiala 2020.

Totodata senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei a fost primul senator si om politic roman invitat, in ultimii douazeci de ani ,sa faca parte dintr-o delegatie in Laos.



Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei si Primul Ministru al Laos-ului.

Laos-ul este unul din principalii actori economici din zona Peninsulei Indochina, unul din tigrii economici ai regiunii si o tara cu un potential enorm pentru cooperarea bilaterala cu Romania.

Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei a fost primit de Primul Ministru al Laos-ului (Thongsing Thammavong) de Ministrul Turismului si al Culturii-Dr. Bosengkham Vongdara, de Dr. Thongloun Sisoulith -Ministrul Afacerilor Externe si de Dl. Asang Laoly -Vice-Prim Ministrul Laos-ului , fiind primul parlamentar roman ce a beneficiat de un acces de un asemenea nivel in Laos.

O alta zona, ce a beneficiat de activitatea senatorului Ionel Agrigoroaei a fost relatia cu Kazahstanul.

Senatorul a fost ales in Grupul Parlamentar de Prietenie cu Kazahstanul, tara ce reprezinta principalul partener economic al Romaniei in regiune, al doilea investitor international in economia tarii noastre si un partener strategic pentru Romania in Asia Centrala.



Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei prezinta lucrarea STRATEGIA KAZAHSTAN 2050 a presedintelui Kazahstan-ului-Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei a fost singurul parlamentar roman ales sa participe la prezentarea editiei, in limba romana, a lucrarii :Strategia Kazahstan 2050 a Presedintelui Kazahstanului-Nursultan Nazarbayev. A fost de asemenea implicat in vizita delegatiei parlamentare din Kazahstan la Parlamentul Romaniei, prima de acest fel in istoria relatiei bilaterale si in organizarea Conferintei Internationale Combaterea Crizei Economice Mondiale si Strategia Kazahstan 2050, la Parlamentul Romaniei.

Prin aceasta activitate sustinuta si marcand o serie de recorduri pentru diplomatia parlamentara, senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei conduce detasat in topul activitatilor parlamentare internationale in acesta legislatura.

Interesant este ca, bogata activitate internationala a senatorului nu a diminuat interesul sau pentru activitatile interne, senatorul conducand detasat in aceasta legislatura si in domeniul interpelarilor adresate Primului Ministru ( in numar de opt) si al intrebarilor ( 27 la numar) si al luarilor de cuvant (51 de prezentari).

La Camera Deputatilor, Presedintele Valeriu Zgonea a reusit o performanta diplomatica remarcabila. Intre punctele forte ale activitatii sale diplomatice putem enumera performanta de a fi primul Presedinte al Camerei Deputatilor invitat sa participe la Forumul Economic de la Astana ( mai 2013), cel mai important forum international de dezbatere a problemelor economiei mondiale si a masurilor necesare pentru combaterea crizei economice actuale.



Presedintele Camerei Deputatilor-Valeriu Zgonea deschizand Expozitia de sprijin pentru Dubai-CAPITALA EXPOZITIEI MONDIALE 2020.

Multumita activitatii Presedintelui Camerei Deputatilor, pentru prima data, vocea Romaniei s-a putut auzi de la tribuna acestui inalt forum.

Presedintele Valeriu Zgonea avut onoarea, gratie talentului sau diplomatic, de a fi primul lider al Camerei Deputatilor invitat sa inaugureze un vernisaj dedicat unui oras candidat la Expozitia Mondiala 2020 : Dubai-ul.

Expozitia de sustinere a candidaturii orasului Dubai pentru WORLDEXPO 2020 a fost cea mai mare din intreaga Europa si prezenta la deschiderea ei a unei delegatii la nivel inalt, a Emiratelor Arabe Unite, arata rolul important al Romaniei, gratie activitatii sale parlamentare intense.

Rolul important al diplomatiei parlamentare, conduse de liderul deputatilor, Valeriu Zgonea, trebuie marcat si prin vizita la Parlamentul Romaniei a delegatiei la nivel inalt a Parlamentului din Kazahstan, principalul partener strategic al Romaniei.



Presedintele Camerei Deputatilor primeste delegatia la nivel inalt din Emiratele Arabe Unite.

Toate acestea realizari diplomatice remarcabile, arata si o noua fateta a legislativului ce si-a inceput mandatul in 9 decembrie 2012 : un parlament mai dinamic, prezent international si cu o buna activitatea la nivelul diplomatiei parlamentare.


Posted by European Council on International Relations on June 17, 2013 at 5:35 PM

European Council on International Relations delegation, headed by Professor dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations was invited for an official working visit to Republic of Kazakhstan between 19-25 November 2012.

The high level European delegation has being invited to visit Astana-capital of the Kazakhstan and Aktau city –main center of the Kazakhstan on the sea tourism program.

The main objective of the visit was to convey the message of friendship and the desire of the European side to strengthen the bilateral cooperation with Kazakhstan in the areas of economy, culture and mass media.

The Kazakhstan side had expressed his interest in the further development of the bilateral relations with Europe and the desire to fulfill the basic principles of the strategic relations forged between Europe and Kazakhstan.

The program of the visit was dense and extremely significant in the desire of the two sides to commit the necessary resources in building an economic correspondent of the existing excellent political relations.

The European delegation headed by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea held meetings with President of Kazakhstan Trade and Industrial Chamber Mr. Tabyr Esembekov.

During this meeting was presented the opening of European -Kazakhstan Business Council and the parties decided on the opening of the Kazakhstan counterpart to European based Business Council, also where tabled the main topics of the bilateral economic agenda and decided on the visit to Europe of a delegation of Kazakhstan business leaders in February 2013 and the was decided upon helding the European –Kazakhstan Business Forum during the visit of H.E. President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Europe .

Professor dr. Anton Caragea held discussion with Mr. K. Burkhanov, Deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan who welcomed the visit of the European delegation as a landmark visit in the development of the bilateral relations.

Mr. K. Burkhanov expressed also his appreciation for the European parliament role in the development of political relations between Europe and Kazakhstan.

The meeting also underlined the significance of extending economic relations between the two countries and established a calendar of the visits in the next period.

The European delegation also held meetings at the Talgo Factory, destined to be the first factory of locomotives in Central Asia and open discussion at the Ministry of New Technologies and Trade and at National Investment Company of Kazakhstan.

In the cultural part of the program, carved by Kazakhstan authorities, for the European delegation in the city of Aktau , professor dr. Anton Caragea visited State University of Aktau and the famous historical and religious site of Shakpak Ata.

During his visit to State University of Aktau, professor dr. Anton Caragea and European side held talks with European professor`s working there on common educational programs and meet the Rector of the University-Dr. Abzhapparov Abdumutalip.

Professor dr. Anton Caragea appreciated the European role in establishing joint educational program at Aktau University and express his proud that European side had constructed with Kazakhstan support a perfect model of educational institution.

Rector of Aktau University- Abzhapparov Abdumutalip asked for European support in having more professors for finance, economy, engineering and other areas stating that European professors are among the best in the world.

Than European delegation visited museums and cultural and touristic objectives in Aktau area , the main being the sacred place of Shakapak Ata, a special historical and religious significance sanctuary for people of Kazakhstan.

Professor dr. A. Caragea delegation visit to Kazakhstan proved to be instrumental in the development of the bilateral relation between the two states and extremely efficient in fostering the strategic relations existing between the two countries.




Publicity with European Council on International Relations



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The Center for Diagnosis and Treatment LARA LIFE-MED is the official partner for public diplomacy for 2011 at Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.


The Center for Diagnosis and Treatment LARA LIFE-MED had demonstrated a long commitment to promote ROMANIAN image abroad offering exceptional quality services and being recommended by Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania as a top medical unity.







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