European Council on International Relations




EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON INTERNATIONAL RELATION (E.U.C.I.R.) is dedicated to creation of a European common foreign policy. To this end E.U.C.I.R. is interested in cooperating and developing relation and sustained the activities of all the European forums, not only European Union but also non-European Union countries must have a voice in designing a European voice.

The E.U.C.I.R. is considering that in XXI century world Europe must reaffirm itself as a political power in international affairs arena and this resurgence is not possible without a common European framework for creating the guidelines of a European policy. To this end E.U.C.I.R  is committed in supporting the creation of a strong European Union voice in foreign policy and to established a large European consensus of civic organizations, NGO`s and political forums in supporting such a transnational , common European foreign policy.

Also E.U.C.I.R. is decided to confer a voice and to the non-E.U. member states in forging such a common policy. The European policy must not be only an European Union policy but a foreign policy representing the all continent and with the aim of helping non-EU member states in achieving the goal of becoming a part of the European Union in a  reasonable period of time. 

E.U.C.I.R.  is also dedicated in forging new relation on political, economic and cultural ground`s  with  first and foremost the Mediterranean region , a region that is having strong history and cultural significance to European construction and in today world is the economic heart of a new European construction. The Mediterranean region is crucial for building a common European foreign policy and establishing a process of integration and democracy building in the spaces connected with Europe.

E.U.C.I.R. is determined to actively get involved in building a new-transatlantic connection with United States and Canada, emphasizing the necessity of a stronger relation with Canada as a valuable part of European cultural and historical patrimony and to build a balanced relation with United States on the principle of United Nation Charta and on respect for traditions and independence of all nations. 

E.U.C.I.R.  is also deeply committed in asserting a European voice, in relation with other geopolitically significant spaces as Middle East region, Asia and Latin America. In all this important part of the globalization process, the Europe voice is feeble and not important enough.


E.U.C.I.R. is committed to change this, and to forge new relations and promote these new relations on political, economic and cultural arena. Europe is having an important history of relation to these areas of the world, a historical, cultural and economic legacy that is determinant for a new development of cooperation in the XXI century. 







European Council on International Relations is one of the oldest institutes in Europe specialized in the field of international relations.

It is our wish to acquaint the users of our services, our partners in the European Union and abroad with the scientific, research, cultural and publishing activities of European Council on International Relations.

Since it was established in 1997 (it was founded as a private organization by the decision of  officials from European Union and non-EU members countries ), European Council on International Relations , has had a
special place in the political, ,foreign policy cultural and academic life of  European Union .

 From a small group of diplomats, politicians, researchers who laid foundations of the European Union diplomatic service, science of international relations, the European Council on International Relations has gradually turned into the largest diplomatic and scientific institution of this kind in European Union and one of the most reputable research centers in the world. Up to the present day diplomatic activities and research in the fields of political, economic and law sciences have been in the core of its activities.

Providing diplomatic missions, cultural diplomacy, economic connections and research and documentation basis for defining the European Union foreign policy priorities, for many years the European Council on International Relations has assisted the authorized bodies of members states and of the European Union in creating and formulating the strategic directions in establishing and developing foreign political and economic relations for European Union. In its long diplomatic practice the European Council on International Relations has established close co-operation and a working partnership with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of European Union’s member and associated countries. It has recruited a large number of diplomats and officials for the diplomatic services and provided some other significant services that deal with European Union international relations.

The European Council on International Relations has a rich research tradition, very fruitful scientific and publishing activities, including official documentations of the UN, EU, NATO and some other significant international organizations.

The European Council on International Relations has developed different forms of international co-operation with over 100 research, university and specialized institutions and organizations in the world. So far, it has organized over 200 European Union and international conferences.

Many prominent European Union domestic and foreign professors, researchers, statesmen, political figures, diplomats and journalists have delivered lectures or participated in other forms of the European Council on International Relations activities.

After 2008, the diplomatic and economic diplomacy work has been intensified and several research, publishing and information and documentation projects have started. As a result of these efforts, a large number of studies, monographs, analyses and expertise’s have been completed. 

 Additional efforts have been made to raise the quality of diplomatic works in accordance with the scientific standards and research reputation the European Council on International Relations enjoys in the European Union members countries and abroad.

 In this way, the European Council on International Relations contribution could be optimally used in conducting the foreign policy and foreign economic affairs of European Union.





 In achieving his goals E.U.C.I.R. is using a variety of elements and  actions such as:

-         Cooperation, policy advisor missions, awareness campaign, publicity campaign in important issues on Europe foreign policy agenda.

-         Promotion of direct democracy as the best tool for creating a true democratic environment in European Union , in all the European countries and to support direct democracy  establishment as the democracy of the XXI century in all the countries interested in embracing democracy as a form   of government.

-         Promoting democracy, civic society building, free market and social responsible economy and establishing Copenhagen Declaration as key principles for definition of a free country.

-         Monitoring electoral processes in the world, in order to encourage electoral process as a form of democracy and to establish a cooperation of democracy and to set a standard for electoral process in the connection with general observed principles and in conformity with the situation and traditions of each country.

-         Establishing a network of European policy maker, key policy actors, NGO`s, political parties, personalities,  etc. determined to actively get involved in shaping  an European foreign policy and involved in creating new opportunities for Europe.


-          Creating a civic action in favor of a European common, feasible, coherent foreign policy as an important part of building a European Union of free and strong nations with a recognizable   voice on international arena.              

-         Creating a dynamic dialog at the European Union level between all the non-governmental actors interested in creating a coherent European policy.

-         Creating a  special organism destined to offer solutions in real time, with professional means, at the important political issues on Europe agenda offering thus support for a more dynamic and professional approach to foreign policy issues.

-         Creating European fact-finding missions to area of special interest on European Union issues, creating Europe delegation for offering facts, evaluations, reports to bust the European relations and dialog with countries important for Europe future development.

-         Organizing international conference with the aim of creating data resources, busting individual and transnational cooperation, offering consultancy on foreign policy topics.

-           Supporting and promoting the necessity of cooperation in international relation field between Europe and the five major geopolitical areas crucial for Europe development in the future.

-         EUCIR is determined to change the fundamentals of Europe Foreign Policy bringing inside the process of shaping this policy and important non-European actors that could draw attention to important aspects of forging new relation between Europe and major geopolitical areas.

-         Establishing partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organization from European Union, European countries and other countries interested in cooperating with a new European voice in foreign policy.

-  Publishing of books, articles, studies, materials destined to build a new relation between Europe and   important areas such: Europe- Mediterranean region, Europe- Middle East, Europe- Asia, Europe- Africa, and Europe- Latin America. We at E.U.C.I.R. regard these areas as critical for a new Europe destiny.