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The '''European Council on International Relations (E.U.C.I.R.)''' is an independent, non-partisan, pan-European organisation known as European Union leading think tank.

In his inaugural press release the Board of European Council on International Relations announce that the main objective of E.U.C.I.R. is: EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (E.U.C.I.R.) is dedicated to creation of a European common foreign policy. To this end E.U.C.I.R. is interested in cooperating and developing relation and sustained the activities of all the European forums, not only European Union but also non-European Union countries must have a voice in designing a European voice.

The President of European Council on International Relations, Professor Anton Caragea expressed the hope that Europe will have a common foreign policy, security policy and a common diplomatic service capable to offer a new chance for the all the people of Europe.


The main objectives of European Council on International Relations are related with the theory of the five important axe`s of policy for Europe: Americas |America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Transatlantic |Trans-Atlantic relations. The difference with other vision is that European Council on International Relations is opened to non-European union countries and specialist and is having a vision of a larger Europe then just today European Union. Also a main objective of EUCIR is to rebalanced the transatlantic relations with United States offering to Europe a more independent voice.

E.U.C.I.R. is decided to confer a voice and to the non-E.U. member states in forging such a common policy. The European policy must not be only an European Union policy but a foreign policy representing the all continent and with the aim of helping non-EU member states in achieving the goal of becoming a part of the European Union in a reasonable period of time.

E.U.C.I.R. is also dedicated in forging new relations on political, economic and cultural ground`s with first and foremost the Mediterranean Basin |Mediterranean region , a region that is having strong history and |cultural significance to European construction and in today world is the economic heart of a new European construction


The ambitious goals of European Council on International Relations (E.U.C.I.R.) could be transformed in a realistic agenda only by a huge effort and by important missions . E.U.C.I.R. is proposing to support direct democracy on European level, ''promoting democracy, civic society building, free market and social responsible economy and establishing Copenhagen Declaration as key principles for definition of a free country''

E.U.C.I.R. is also proposing to organize international conferences ,creating transnational cooperation institutions, creating a dynamic dialog at the European Union level, creating Europe delegation for offering facts, evaluations, reports to bust the European relations and dialog ,promoting the necessity of cooperation in international relation field between Europe and the five major geopolitical areas crucial for Europe development in the future, establishing partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organization from European Union.

Extremely important is the declaration of European Council on International Relation leadership that EUCIR will organise monitoring elections missionsin order to promote democratic values and to evaluate electoral processes in democratic countries.

Diplomatic Missions

From 2008 EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON INTERNATIONAL RELATION was extremely active on diplomatic arena participating in major international conferences in Doha-Qatar, Bucharest-Romania, or creating political delegation and fact finding missions in Khazahstan, Republic of China on Taiwan, Syria, Algeria.

This important activity was offering a new approach to diplomatic action and offers also a new image of Europe more interested on international arena, more active and more capable to accept a major role on foreign policy arena.


Research is an important part of activity at European Council on International Relation and is a main objective in order to create a professional environment for European diplomacy.

The main area`s of research are:

- Europe and Asia research group

- Europe and Africa research group

- Europe and Middle East research group

- Europe and America research group

- European Construction research group

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